Featured Carillon Projects

Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon, Mariemont, OH

The Mary M. Emery Memorial Carillon, an instrument of 49 bells, is located in a campanile in Dogwood Park in the Cincinnati suburb of Mariemont, one of the first planned communities in the nation. The original instrument of 23 bells was installed when the tower was built in 1929 by Gillett & Johnston, Croydon, England; in 1968, 26 Petit & Fritsen treble bells were added. After 40 years, the 1968 keyboard, treble action and clappers were in need of replacement; and the old open bearing 1929 action and clappers had also reached the end of their useful life. We have been commissioned by The Thomas J. Emery Memorial, owners of the carillon, to conduct a general renovation. This will include a rearrangement of the treble bells to improve the action to these bells, new cast iron ball clappers throughout, all new bell fittings including rehanging all bells with stainless steel bolts, all new action (radial to the 28 smallest trebles, and transmission bar to the basses and mediums), all new connections, guides and umbrella rack, and new playing and practice keyboards. The building of the new components is going forward at this writing, and installation will be made in the Spring of 2008, in time for the next Summer Recital Series. At the same time, some renovation of the playing room and carillonneurs’ rest room will permit placing the practice keyboard on that floor of the tower, and new HVAC equipment will also be installed.

Campanile in Dogwood Park
Wood isolation and rust jacking of beam plate
A rusted auxiliary bolt in the bourdon
Deteriorated 1929 headpiece
Typical extreme wear of 1929 clapper
General view of existing action; note kinked wiring and “fence-staple” guides
1929 open bearings following a season of service
Top view showing extremely long treble wires; this area will be reframed